Reuben Gamez of BidSketch


Ruben Gamez is the founder of online proposal software BidSketch. We explore his work habits since starting his own business and "the resistance" which is a concept introduced by Steve Pressfield in his book The War of Art. Ruben's 2 Cents... Parenthood is like practice and every opportunity with your children is an opportunity to practice and get better   Resources mentioned War of Art (book) Steven Pressfield DHH episode of the podcast   … [Read more...]

Meaningfulness with Ben Toalson, Father of 6

ben toalson family

Ben Toalson joins the podcast. If he sounds like a legit podcaster, it is because he is...he is on the Seanwes podcast as well as a podcast on parenting that he does with his wife. A designer by trade he shares the journey that took him to full time design freelancing and tons of nuggets along the way. Ben's 2 Cents... The piece a lot of men are still neglecting are themselves and the other areas of their life suffer because of it.   … [Read more...]

The Tinder for Parents, Soam Lall of Kinnecting

soam lall

Soam Lall, the founder of Kinnecting  the app that can be summed up as the Tinder for parents, here is the story.... When a father was left to fend for himself with his 15 mo. old daughter for nearly a week, he realized he was at a loss. He didn’t have a network of parents, let alone parents with kids of similar age near him. Random encounters at a playground. A passing nod on a stroll. There were parents everywhere, but they were not accessible. There had to be a way to help parents … [Read more...]

The Unspoken side of Fatherhood, Jason Fried of Basecamp


Jason Fried the founder of Basecamp and NYT Best Selling author of Rework and Remote talks about freaking out when he became a father and why it should not be taboo. As a well known figure and thought leader in the business and tech universes, and most importantly as a guy that always seems cool and collected, it is fun to hear his humble take on parenting. He admittedly freaked out and was nervous for the first weeks and recalls learning a side of himself that he didn't even know (in a good … [Read more...]

Flow with Anders from Time Block


Anders Thue Pedersen is the founder of TimeBlock a web app that focuses on getting teams into the state of Flow, which many people might call “in the zone”,  the process of breaking down work into chunks and focusing on doing one thing at a time. A powerful concept that applies at work and with your family. Anders' 2 Cents... Getting in a state of “flow” or cognitive deep work is a skill that you cannot learn but is a very valuable skill that will put you in the top 1% of whatever you … [Read more...]